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Day 1 (Monday, July 17, 2017)

8-9.00am Registration

Biomaterials and Drug Delivery

9.00-9.15am Welcome remarks – Ali Khademhosseini (BWH, HMS)
9.15-10.00am Ali Khademhosseini (BWH, HMS)
10.00-10.30am Break
10.30-11.15am Rahmi Oklu (Mayo Clinic)
11.15-12.00pm TBD
12.00-1.00pm Lunch

Tissue Engineering and 3D Bioprinting

1.00-1.45pm Kwanghun Chung (MIT)
1.45-2.30pm Joe Tien (Boston University)
2.30-3.00pm Break
3.00-3.45pm Rebecca Carrier (Northeastern University)
3.45-4.30pm Diane Hoffman-Kim (Brown University)
4.30-5.15pm Anh Hoang (Sofregen Medical)
5.15-6.00pm Break
6.00-8.00pm Reception dinner

Day 2 (Tuesday, July 18, 2017)


8.30-9.15am Morteza Mahmoudi (BWH, HMS)
9.15–10.00am TBD
10.00-10.30am Break
10.30-11.15pm Kim Hamad-Schiefferli (University of Massachusetts)
11.15-12pm Alexander K. Shalek (MIT)
12.00-1.00pm Lunch

BioMEMS, Imaging, and Point-of-Care Devices

1.00–1.45pm Daniel Irimia (MGH, HMS)
1.45–2.30pm Seth Fraden (Brandeis University)
2.30–3pm Break
3.00-3.45 Roozbeh Ghaffari (MC10)
3.45-4.30pm Rohit Karnik (MIT)
4.30-5.15pm Xuanhe Zhao (MIT)
5.15-5.30pm Break
5.30-6.30pm Sound bites – A

Day 3 (Wednesday, July 19, 2017)

Biomaterials and Drug Delivery II

9.15-10.00am Natalie Artzi (BWH, HMS)
10-10.30am Break
10.30-11.15am Mansour M. Amiji (Northeastern University)
11.15-12pm Mark Grinstaff (Boston University)
12.00-1.00pm Lunch

Microfluidics and organ-on-a-chip

1.00-1.45pm Roger Kamm (MIT)
1.45–2.30pm Jeff Borenstein (Draper Laboratory)
2.30–3pm Break
3.00-3.45pm TBD
3.45-4.30pm Andy Yun (MGH, HMS)
4.30-5.15pm Ed Doherty (Wyss Institute)
5.15-5.30pm Break
5.30-6.30pm Sound bites – B

Day 4 (Thursday, July 20, 2017)

Translational Research

8.30–9.15am Chris Loose/David Lucchino (Frequency Therapeutics)
9.15-10.00am Mostafa Analoui (Livingston Securities)
10.00-10.30am Break
10.30-11.15am Ulysses W. Sallum (Partners Healthcare)
11.15-12pm Matt Pavlovich (Cell Press)
12.00-1.00pm Lunch

Nanotechnology and Imaging

1.00-1.45pm Neel Joshi (Harvard University)
1.45–2.30pm Brett Bouma (MGH, HMS)
2.30-3pm Break
3-3.45pm Ed Boyden (MIT)
3.45-4.30pm Tom Webster (Northeastern University)
4.30-5.15pm Peng Yin (Harvard University)
5.15-5.30pm Break
5.30-6.30pm Julia H. Ortony (MIT)

Day 5 (Friday, July 21, 2017)

Stem cells, Immunomodulation and Cancer Therapy

8.30-9.15am Joel Voldman (MIT)
9.15-10.00am Oren Levy (BWH, HMS)
10.00-10.30am Break
10.30-11.15am David Mooney (Harvard University)
11.15-12.00pm Shiladitya Sengupta (BWH, HMS)
12.00-1.00pm Lunch

Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering II

1.00-1.45pm Pamela Yelick (Tufts University)
1.45-2.30pm Nasim Annabi (Northeastern University, BWH, HMS)
2.30-3.00pm Break
3.00-3.45pm Wesley Wong (Harvard University)
3.45-4.30pm Ali Tamayol (BWH, HMS)
4.30-5.15pm TBD
5.30pm Award Ceremony and final remarks